Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sophie's First Baby Blanket

I officially finished Sophie's baby blanket last night and I am so pleased with it. Its a tad bigger then I anticipated, but that just means she'll be able to use it longer and hopefully cherish it, as I cherished my baby blanket, as she gets older. In addition to the baby blanket I also made head band to match it. I made several other ones as well that I will share.

Only 3 more weeks until she is here, though the doctor says I'll probably be late so add another week to that. Things are finally coming together. As you can see below we set up the crib. Though we don't have bedding yet, but we plan to get that stuff sometime this week.

We are extremely excited for the little one to come. Christian can't wait to play with her and I know he'll be the best dad ever. I see the way he loves to play with our nieces and nephews and I think to myself that I am so blessed to have found a man as fun loving and caring as him.

If anyone is interested I sell them at $7 a headband or $12 for two.
All I need are the colors you'd like.

I'll keep updating as time gets closer.



  1. What a lucky lucky granddaughter I have!

  2. LOVE those headbands. I will have to order a couple for Felicity!

  3. All I need is a measurement of her head and the colors you would like and I have them out within a week. :D