Monday, January 31, 2011

Addictions, comments and other thoughts....

You know what game is totally addicting to me: Bejeweled on Facebook. It completely distracts me from doing things I should be doing such as: writing another commentary for my Shakespeare class, looking up prices for things about the wedding, researching DJ's and catching up on my reading. I always say I'll just play one more game. But then one game turns into 2,3,4.... and so. Curse you Bejeweled.

A Blog that I like to follow is She is an actress on One Tree Hill that I adore. She has great music and I enjoy the show.
She recently wrote a blog about class regarding actresses, musicians and the like. The main purpose of it was: where has all the class gone? She mentions lyrics, music videos and people who are ultimately role models (because being in a "celebrity-like" position you automatically become a role-model in some form or another) are filling the minds of the children with "trash" so to speak and classless acts. And it's what I've been thinking for such a long time, I'm just glad I am not alone.

Now I completely agree with freedom of speech and expressing yourself freely, I'm a big advocate of it. However, I am torn with those who are not mindful about what young teenagers see and perceive as cool. Like the new shows Skins on Mtv based on a series from the UK. The show is about teenagers who act reckless from the influence of sex, drugs, and rock & roll theme. Now forgive me if I am wrong, but hasn't Mtv in the past been an advocate for being responsible for yourself, to go vote, practice safe sex and make the right choices. I just feel like this show is contradicting a lot of the messages they have put out there previously. I saw an interview that said the shows Skin helps some teenagers to relate to it and to also make the parents realize what their kids are up to. If I didn't know what my child was up to I would call myself a poor mother and feel sad that I allowed them to get that reckless. I understand that kids these days are exposed to all sorts of wrong doing but it's the responsibility of the parents to address those issues, not Mtv to make a statement to parents to show them what their kids are up to. In my opinion, it makes some dim-witted kids think, "well that's cool and exciting, I want to do that."

In other exciting news:
In 26 days I will become Mrs. Loewy. Whoop! Now it was hard for me to come to terms with changing my last name because I am so attached to it. But after thinking about it, I am so excited to feel like I have a family of my own, that I belong somewhere and don't have to try so hard to belong. I know where I belong, and it's in Christians arm and with my baby girl when she comes. I'll be sad to say goodbye to Zickefoose. It was the only reason, I believe many people remembered my name or remembered me at all. But after 23 years of being at the bottom of this list, it'll me nice to be somewhere in the middle.

Love to all!

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  1. Shannan, it was hard for me to give up my last name, too. Everyone, I mean everyone, knows me by Cooney, my old last name. Highschool friends, work friends, and church friends all called me Cooney, not Jasmine. But I had no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't want to have the person whom I love the most last name, too. If we think that the only reason why people will remember us on this earth is by our name, whether last or first, then we aren't living for the right reasons :) Yeah only 26 more days!