Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cousin Emma!

Last weekend we went meet our cousin Emma. It was a lovely time and we were surprised by their similar sizes with Emma being 3 months older. We enjoyed seeing Laura, and Emma as well as my Uncle John and Aunt Eileen.
Here are our little ones!

Sophie's Meet & Greet

I've been the worst blogger. And I do apologize for that. Sophie had a big day two weeks ago and here are pictures that documented it!

 Christian and I made Owl cookies that were SO yummy!
 The lovely owl cake
 She was just a good girl the whole day!
 Sophie and Daddy
 Our little Hoot of a family!
 Sophie wearing the same outfit I wore as a 3 month old
Sophie and Mama

We had a lovely time! Thank you to everyone who attended and for all the lovely gifts. We hope to see you again soon!
Hope you enjoyed!
~The Loewy's