Sunday, August 22, 2010


So there is this show that got cancelled a couple years ago. It was called Pushing Daisies. I loved that show. It was about this man named Ted who had the power to bring things back to life and he was a pie maker, owner of the Pie Hole. This summer I got reconnected with the two seasons that survived (thanks to Netflix) and became obsessed all over again. I went out and bought me an apron, which isn't finished, and a pie pan.

Well yesterday I made my first Pie. It's an Apple Pie Crust. It's so yummy too!

I told my parent that my new goal in life was to own my own pie store. I swear it could be the next big thing :) We'll see how it goes...

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Summer with my brother

This is a really rough and spontaneous video we did where my nephew is recording. There will be a better one up soon hopefully. My Brother just bought a new guitar and a little recording device.

I was really hoping this summer would be filled with great music we could make and though I've written a lot of lyrics and melodies, life does get busy and my brother wasn't really as focused as I was. But that's okay. I know when the moment is right again, we'll make another great song we will be proud of.

When Jarrod and I are together, it feels like anything can happen. He has truly been my angel this summer. The big brother, and brother, I've always wanted. God granted me that this summer. In good timing too.

On Tuesday we hung out and after 5 mins of brainstorming we went to Disneyland where I obtained a pass. We had a little "spirits" with us, which made it all the more fun. Recreated a bit of his childhood memories since he hasn't been there since he was a child. And we both loved the fireworks... well I always do, but I was glad he enjoyed them too. We went home with great memories.

Jarrod has made this summer unforgettable. We've been unbelievably drunk together (while making this song), gone to the beach and spent time with Scott (my real dad), ate a ton of yogurt, shopping, bars, having great conversations and most importantly, had a ton of laughs. He taught me how to not to sweat the small stuff and brush it off my shoulder. He taught me how to laugh again as well.

I know he'll be leaving soon to have another adventure, and I'll miss him when he's gone. But I know when he does come home again, another Jarrod and Shan adventure will begin.

Love you Jarrod. Thanks for looking out for me

Monday, August 9, 2010

Proud of me

My life is extraordinary. Honestly. This summer has been a blast so far and it always ends with my birthday which is happening in 18 days. I will be a 23 year old woman finally going to a University, living in my parents house, working at Barnes & Noble, writing and making music, recently blonde dreaming lady - with lots of potential, just waiting for opportunity. But most of all, I will be a self satisfied person. That is what I have been dreaming of my whole life. I am happy with me, myself, in my own skin. And yet nothing has changed except for the attitude that I surround my own thoughts with. I am proud of me. It's a huge accomplishment.

Thanks to all who have helped me get to this place.