Sunday, August 22, 2010


So there is this show that got cancelled a couple years ago. It was called Pushing Daisies. I loved that show. It was about this man named Ted who had the power to bring things back to life and he was a pie maker, owner of the Pie Hole. This summer I got reconnected with the two seasons that survived (thanks to Netflix) and became obsessed all over again. I went out and bought me an apron, which isn't finished, and a pie pan.

Well yesterday I made my first Pie. It's an Apple Pie Crust. It's so yummy too!

I told my parent that my new goal in life was to own my own pie store. I swear it could be the next big thing :) We'll see how it goes...


  1. you know there's a whole "team cake" vs. "team pie" subculture. you could help pies become the next cupcakes ;D

  2. I agree with Betty. I'm so pleased to find your blog!

  3. You mean Ned silly ;P
    So excited you're pie'in it up!