Sunday, September 5, 2010

Things are just beginning.

So... my birthday came and went without any hoopla. It's the way I wanted it to go anyways.
It started out with Monkey coming home from work, checking my email to find out an old friend of the family and his son got arrested for selling drugs, to receiving my incredibly cool new bike - a red cruiser with a cool red basket (i'll have to post the picture later)- going out to breakfast to have my favorite- eggs benedict, to going to Khols to pick up my second gift from Monkey - Reebok Simply Tone shoes - a quick stop at Barnes & Noble for a drink to pretty much spending the rest of the day playing Halo's ODST. The evening was followed by Sushi and tears with all the stress of the events with the family, coming home to make an awesome Pecan Pie (picture to the left) and drinking lots of wine and spa time. My favorite moments are the bike, the pie and kicking Halo butt while being really
tipsy. The other days follow with a small family gathering with none of my brothers showing up, going back to monkeys to drink more wine and spa time. Next day is, I have to say the best because it involves Disneyland where we brought Vodka and Cranberry juice. Fantastic idea! (not that Disneyland isn't awesome alone). It ended up being an absolutely beautiful and memorial day and the best part was that I kicked Monkey's ass on the buzz ride (picture to the right).
And that, my friends, was my birthday weekend.

In other news, Evan my younger brother was released from the house after several incidents, my mother is out of the ICU and is feeling better from her kidney infection, Evan is also healing from a big wound on his hand that led him a trip the the ER, my older brother Jarrod is high in spirits but is in and out of the ER and we are hoping he recovers from all his sicknesses soon.

The rest of September goes as follows, mourning my rejection into the RCC Chamber Singers, I guess that was bound to happen sooner or later, the death of music career and starting Cal Poly Pomona as an English Literature major.

Now it might seem that I am a bit bitter, and you could be correct in some ways, however. I am incredibly happy with one thought, that now options are wide open and the possibilities are endless. I have no ties to RCC anymore so I can disappear from that scene and soon I will disappear from Barnes & Noble seen if I can move closer to school and I can do whatever I want and start over. It's what I've been looking forward too for a while now. The possibilities seem endless and I am excited about them. I can start living a life, at least a new one.

It feels like things are just beginning, and I'm 23.

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