Friday, September 10, 2010

Pie #3 - Lemon Meringue

So my third pie is a Lemon Meringue. It's very yummy I have to say. Of course I started off with the crust, which went beautifully. I was very proud of the way it was made and how it didn't break. Although when I had to pre-fully cook the crust the weights were not heavy enough which caused the crust to shrink a bit and rise from the pan.
The lemon part was the easiest I have to say. I lot of lemon straining was involved. For the meringue, I kept thinking I was doing something wrong because it was only getting slightly puffy. Just turns out that it's meant to be whipped for a long time before the right fluffiness takes place (something I'll know for next time).

So although the meringue isn't fluffy, it still taste good. Today I'm going to bring it to work to share with my co workers. Hopefully they like it.

(someone took a chunk of the Meringue- i guess it was that good :D)

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