Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Bundles!

I am so pleased to introduce a Baby Bundle!  With some of the free time I have acquired I have been dedicating it to crocheting- not just things for Baby Sophie but as a way to make a little extra income for our new family while I am off work.

For $40 dollars you can own this cute bundle that includes: A hat, an animal bib, a headband, booties, and a burping blanket. This, of course, is for a girl. For a boy the headband can be replaced for an extra pair of booties.
All orders are custom made by me with the colors of your choosing.

Other bundles include:

Buy 3 items and save 10%
Buy 6 items and save 20%
Buy 9 items and save 30%

Individually the items are as followed:

Headbands: $7.00
Hat: $10.00
Regular Bib: $10.00
Animal Bib: $13.00
Booties: $7.00
Burping Cloth: $8.00
If interested in any of the items you can email me at
Please spread the word and share with all the moms you know.
Love to all! Cheers!

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  1. Sooo cute! if i had a daughter she would definately wear the cute lil headbands.