Friday, April 23, 2010

A Rose Melody

So here are several items that I make from my crochet line. Trying to start something new and fun. I would love all the help of spreading the word.

Blueberry Sunrise. $4
Flowers are $4 each or 3 for $10
Red and Gray Stripped Scarf. $20
Plain Jane. $4
Flirty Fire. $4
Pin Up Doll. $4
Purple, White and Gray scarf. $25
Irish Flag Beanie. $13
Green and Gray stripped scarf. $20
Sweet Lips. $4

Scarfs range from $20-$25. I also make baby blankets which sell for $40. All items can be made into requested colors.

More to come. Female beanies with Flower accessories. Baby headbands with Flower accessory. Pictures of baby blankets. I am more then happy to take in request to make anything as long as it is within my means of doing.

I came up with the name A Rose Melody because it was a blog name I had on Myspace. And I love roses, more like obsessed with them (as you might tell from the name of this blog). I am also passionate about music, and the beauty of them both kind of mesh together for me. So it seemed appropriate to pass on the name to my collection.

I hope you like and please spread the word. Thanks!


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