Sunday, October 4, 2009


This week I am moving out of my parents house, and yes its for good. They already have plans to move my little brother into my room. Dont get me started on the many countless times my younger brother, 20, who has moved out and they have just left the room there for him. You can imagine that I am not leaving on good terms. But there is a happily ever after. I will be moving in with my boyfriend of almost 2 years and his family. A place I can feel at home.

In other news. I am working, a lot. Finally! I work Monday through Friday at an afterschool program called THINK Together where I finally obtained a classroom of my own. It's the first time this program has been at this school, before it was Boys and Girls Club. It was really rough at first, however the kids and I get a long great. Its a great place to work, and I enjoy the fun kid like things I get to do! I still work at Barnes & Noble, which seems to be going better. I picked a couple shifts this week, however small, it pays for my gas at least.

As far as Christian and I go, we are saving up for a future life together. *Hint* Im keeping my fingers crossed. We are so happy in love, never thought it would truly be like this. Our relationship has blossomed and we have matured as adults through understanding of each other and through a better understanding of the future in terms of what we want out of life. He works still at the YMCA 6 days a week and he is taking an online class at RCC.

In cooler news. The RCC Chamber Singers got invited to sing at the Star Wars Concert at the Honda center last week and Nokia Center this week. Its really awesome, another once in a lifetime experience I suppose.

On Oct 12, Our Zickefoose, and Doran, family pet is scheduled to be put down. Penny is getting old and it's hard to see her in constant pain everyday. Although lately it seems that she's been more active and puppy like. As always she loves being the center of attention, so even in pain she'll get up and walk around when family is here. She will be truly missed. She is the one thing that really brought this big family together. My siblings and I share memories from when Theresa and Scott were together in our younger years to Theresa and Kevin together with the add on of Melyssa, Jarrod, and neices and nephews - Kaylen, Justice and Molly.

I continue to crochet through the stress and I am hopefully going to start writing again. November is National Novel Writing month. I think it would be a great project for all. Write 175 pages or 50,000 words in one month. If interested go to

Until next time...

Our beatiful puppy.

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