Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some ME time

It took 5 months for everything to get fixed and properly healed, but I am please to say that in the beginning of October my OB/GYN told me that everything was finally healed after a successful reconstructive surgery. Which means I can go back to a normal life again and be my active self once more (I've got to admit that after 5 months of being almost bedridden, getting up and at em' was not easy).

So at the end of September I started school once more with a new major in Urban and Regional Planning - something completely opposite and different then what I have done and what I am use too, but I love it so far. Its hard work and it's going to take a lot of dedication, but I thank God that I have such a loving and supporting husband who understands that graduating means the world to me. It is going to take a lot longer then I would like, but after all the complaining I've done I realize that its worth it in the end. I can only take away so much time from Sophie and she is my number one, along side my amazing husband.

Speaking of husband, Christian is enjoying his six weeks of rest. Rest from work that is. He is so lucky to have the job that he has, for the time being, because they allowed him to take 6 weeks of Paid Family Leave, which he is thoroughly enjoying. But I think he enjoys just being able not to work and get a little me time for himself as well. It helps that Sophie has transitioned into being a somewhat difficult baby into a now playful baby and does not need so much attention, that is to say the "crying" attention. She is a lot easier to handle now that she enjoys playing by herself and with her toys throughout the day.

I do have to say my only sadness is that now I have to go back to work, which will happen sometime next week. For me that is the hardest part. Going back to school for 3 days, 6 1/2 hours on Mondays and Wednesday and 3 hours on Fridays is hard enough, but now it looks like I'll be working 3 days on top of that so that Christian and I can save money so that we are closer to moving out on our own. I love my Sophie and it's so hard to be away from her, and though I enjoy my "me" time at school, that's the only "me" time I want. I wish to God I could be a stay at home mom... perhaps one day but right now we are trying to do everything we can to better our family's future.

I have some projects that I'll post soon from my 5 months with Sophie. But that's all for now.

Hope you enjoyed!


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