Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Splish Splash Sophie

These last couple of weeks have been really rough as a family. Sophie was going through a colic phase, crying and fussing all the time. However, lately, thankfully, she has been soothing out of that phase. I have also been dealing with postpartum pregnancy healing and major abdominal pains which caused me to go to the ER.Thankfully, this past week has gone by a lot smoother. And some exciting things have happened. First, Sophie can lift her head at a 90 degree angel.

Second, Sophie turned 2 months old!
(and she's still a champion)

Also, Ainsley, my sister-in-law, gave birth to her second daughter Savannah on that very same day! Congratulations to the Villamore family!

Third, Sophie mastered the art of rolling over today! Her first roll over took place July 10 just in time for Nana to come home from Hawaii. She doesn't really like the roll over process but she's darn good at it.

And last but not least, Sophie loves her bath time. She figured out that splashing was fun.

I thank God that Sophie has seemed to mellowed out. Her days have been much easier. I also feel a lot better and am waiting patiently to get surgery to get repaired.
Hope you've enjoyed!
~The Loewy's~


  1. Shann she is absolutely gorgeous. So cute that she is learning to roll over, Blaiden can but he chooses not to do it often. Instead he has graduated to trying to crawl and gets mad when he goes backwards. Lol

    Postpartum stuff is not fun, 5 months later and I may be better. That's still in question though. I hope you feel better soon :)