Saturday, August 8, 2009

Still waiting and The night is passion

What a great way to start a project... by forgetting about it. So today i am posting two poem, however one is lyrical, which is recent and the other is older.


Still waiting...

She will love you with her smile
Talk a walk that lasts for miles
She will drown you in her lips
Wipe away those tears with a kiss

She will guard you with her life
Though you hate it when she fights
And when she's lying in your arms
You still find ways to be alarmed.

But that's not all...

She will caress your weary soul
Put it all into a bowl
She will give you all her affections
And make love without discretion...
knowing, oh, its not enough.

So she will dance inside your head
While you figure out the rest.
Yes she will love you from a far
and let you make love to life instead
of her...
But don't take long, please dear.

There's a song I love to hear,
A simple tune that makes things clear
About a girl who dreams in bed
Who loves a boy, last thing she said...
I'll be waiting, don't take long, please dear.

And if the sun won't seem to rise
You feel lost deep inside
Remember stars still have their shine,
They'll be bright days ahead
Please know,
That you dance inside my head
While you figure out the rest
Know i love from a far
Please find comfort in who we are.
I'm still waiting, dear

The night is passion

You asked me jump
So I crawled to my knees
asking, "where is your love,
Have you proved it to me?"
So I jumped, I fell to my
death taking a rose from my lips
to stain you with this:

As I lay for eternity, my hands
cover my eyes-enclosing secrets
unsaid, a heart you left dead.
You asked me to cry
so I laughed in the forest
listening to trees
confess their love in the dark.

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