Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Randomocity of my mind

This is an awesome picture I took when at the Plateau. I love how the light just bursts through. Its beautiful.

...So I often will get glimpses, more like dreams, of possible future stories. I write them on a piece of paper and then they usually get thrown in the back of my folder or put in a pile on the ground by my desk. This story was lucky enough to get through the mess that is my life. It found a little bit of light, hence why i put the bursting of light picture up.... I am fond of it this writing. I don't know what it means or where it is going. But I like it. So I will share it:

11 April 2009
Not long ago I was a child, a wild spirit. Full of dreams, fairy tales and magic- I was surrounded by peace. Blue skies were endless, even when the clouds tried to over power; it was a game we played. There were times when I welcomed the clouds, the constant rain, the fever of the cold, and the dark empty spaces. It was what I connected to the most; and most days, still do. And in those dark spaced I played games with fire flies. I’d capture them in the web of my despair and they would respond with a glimpse of the future. It felt like dreams, like the magic I use to capture in the innocence of my youth. Time would freeze and the cold felt like fire burning beneath my skin. It was a drug. A drug I sought night after night to escape these urges that overpowered me every day. In time, I became a stranger to myself and to reality. Nothing seemed real anymore.

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